Bar - Café

In the café Cocktail Bar of our Hotel complex you can relax and enjoy a coffee or drink throughout the day from the morning until late at the night, while enjoying modern quality music.

We offer you delishious drinks and cocktails in the bar, the café and the hotel's pool, next to the café. You can also try our desserts, ice cream and waffles, which we prepare for you and cool off with a frozen juice from our regional lemons and oranges.

How to come

What the location offers

You can use "Kalloni Resort" as a base for many activities and excursions to Troizinia region, to Methana peninsula, to Epidavros and to the surrounding areas.


We are located in a region which combines the sea and the mountain with the activities and excursions with the archaeological sites and attractions.

Moreover, for unforgettable holidays in our Hotel with your friends or your families, there are for you many forms of alternative tourism that will fill your time and will not let you get bored even one day.


Kalloni fishing village is a favorite holiday destination for many Athenians, but also for visitors from other areas. Promises many naturalistic pleasures, marine or beautiful "escapes" to the hilly and mountainous hinterland, since it is built at the foot of the mountain "Ortholithi". Kalloni fish village with especially warm sea, is an ideal destination for rest, relaxation, fishing as well as for alternative and family vacations.