What the location offers

You can use "Kalloni Resort" as a base for many activities and excursions to Troizinia region, to Methana peninsula, to Epidavros and to the surrounding areas.

It's one of the few remainig locations of Greece which combines the sea with the mountains and the sport's activities with the trips to different archaeological sites and sightseeings.

Besides, for unforgettable vacations with your friends or family there are for you many forms of alternative tourism, which will fill your time.

The big beach of Kalloni village is rocky and pebble in spots. At the end of this beach, left towards west, after the old port, there is a dirt path which ascends. At the end of this path, right, there is a wide open door, propably remnant from an old fenced property. We follow the path walking between plowed fields. This path leads us to the beach "Votsalakia". A beautiful beach with thin pebble and clean blue-green water, one of the best beaches in Troizinia area. Above this beach lies the cafe-snack "Kantinais beach bar" with great sea views.

For those who love fishing, the rocky beach of Kalloni is ideal for fishing. Moreover, the Gulf of Epidaurus, in which the Kalloni is, is famous for fishing and there are many who come to Kalloni specifically for this purpose. You can fish with a rod or angling from the rocks, go underwater fishing with spearguns and those who have a boat you can go deep into the sea for fishing.

Kalloni is built at the base of the mountain "Ortholithi". From there you can explore the hilly and mountainous hinterland, where they are located the historical settlements of Dryopi (Kato Fanari) and the Ano Fanari.
Traces of an ancient Dryopian city (1400-1300 BC) have been found in this area. In Ano Fanari village you can find ruins of the old settlement and graves from the Geometric and Roman period.
At the hilltop, northeast and above the village of Ano Fanari, lies the "Castle", one of the five medieval fortifications of Trizinia region.
Also above the village, lies a gorge named "gorge of Love", whose entrance named "Kokkinovrachos (red rock)" is famous. According to legend, it was the place where Hippolytus (son of Theseus) was killed, after the rumor that his stepmother Phaedra spread, when he parried her love and forced him to flee.

In Troizinia and surrounding areas, the terrain helped in the creation of a beautiful natural green environment surroundings of the hills, the valleys and the low plateaus.
This area is an ideal destination for hiking and climbing tours among antiquities, sightseeings, medieval castles, villages, old monasteries, picturesque churches and unique coastal regions. On these journeys through the paths, visitors can combine hiking with the study of the unique flora and history of the area.
Especially in the Methana Peninsula there is a 70 kilometers paths you can explore. AT these routes you can explore the history and nature of the location.

Our hotel is the starting point to visit many important archaeological sites located nearby. In the menu option "maps" you will find the routes.
Northwest is the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, Nafplio's Ancient Acropolis (Acronafplia), Palamidi and islet Bourtzi and beyond the Ancient Mycenae.
East there is the sunken city of Psifta and beyond you will see debris from ancient Acropolis of Methana on the hill of Paleokastro, the archaeological site in the chapel of Saints Constantine and Helen and other antiquities scattered throughout the peninsula.
South from our hotel there is the Ancient Trizina, the Askipieio, the Sanctuary of Hippolytus and other antiquities.
Continuing after Troizina, just before Galatas there are the ancient Tombs of Magoula and finally at Poros island there is the Ancient Kalavria and residues of the Temple of Poseidon. Also in Poros you will find the Archaeological Museum, where there are many archaeological finds from the Trizinia.

From "Kalloni resort" you can visit many admirable sightseeings. At the east, close to the hotel, there is the wetland of Psifta. At Methana peninsula there is the Castle of Favier, the cave "of the doves" and the small islet of St. Anargyroi.
At the south in the village of Troizina there is the "Diavologefiro" gorge, the Byzantine Church of Saint Dimitrios, the Monastery of Kexaritomeni Virgin Mary and the Temple of Episkopi.
After Galatas you will find the famous Lemontree forest and at Poros island the Monastery of Virgin Mary with its unique architecture and exhibits and wonderful sea views.

For those who love the sea and the water sports there is in Poros bay, in "Drepani" location, before Galata, a water ski and water sports school, while in Poros island there are the Nautical Clubs of N.O.P.T and NAT. Finally in Methana is the Nautical Club of Methana.

In Galata you can have, you and your friends or family, horse riding lessons and also lessons of freediving in the school there is at the bay of Poros.

As a starting point "Kalloni resort" you can combine your vacations with short excursions and trips in Vathi village, in methana town, in Poros island, in Hydra island, in Spetses island and in the beach of Epidavros.

Very close to the Hotel theri Methana town with its famous thermal hot springs, which have got curative effects in the human body and can help in many kinds of health problems.

Also "Kalloni resort" is very close to the Theatre of Epidavros, where each year there is a festival with dramatic performances.

For the rest of your nights, for those of you who do not want to have dinner next to our pool, we recommend the cosmopolitan environment and the bars of the town in Poros island, only 15 minutes away by car from our hotel.

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What the location offers

You can use "Kalloni Resort" as a base for many activities and excursions to Troizinia region, to Methana peninsula, to Epidavros and to the surrounding areas.


We are located in a region which combines the sea and the mountain with the activities and excursions with the archaeological sites and attractions.

Moreover, for unforgettable holidays in our Hotel with your friends or your families, there are for you many forms of alternative tourism that will fill your time and will not let you get bored even one day.


Kalloni fishing village is a favorite holiday destination for many Athenians, but also for visitors from other areas. Promises many naturalistic pleasures, marine or beautiful "escapes" to the hilly and mountainous hinterland, since it is built at the foot of the mountain "Ortholithi". Kalloni fish village with especially warm sea, is an ideal destination for rest, relaxation, fishing as well as for alternative and family vacations.